Georgia country as 3rd tier offshore zone for Bitcoin


Dear service creators, let’s take a look at georgaphical positions/perspectives of your bot, and think strategically - among the country sections on LocalBitcoins Ukraine is already has too much traders in their LocalBitcoins UAH section.

Why Georgia is unique? Because it is affordable Hong-Kong for some very smart but not_wealthy geeks.

Some few key factors to focusing on developing your customer base in countries like Georgia:

  • Georgia already has OPPA wallet instead of QIWI - and there a lots of systems which is like that, which makes it heaven for financial freedom
  • 50% of banking sector is Russian systems.
  • CIS countries should be at least #1 priority, because of daily influx of tourists who use popular travel/long-term living destinations like Georgia as cheap tourist destination.
  • Also you should make your research and consider list of those unpopular[to think about] countries countries with at least 100000 Russian immigrants, because Russian customer is your key.

So what are you waiting. Add GEL currency urgently.

Don’t thank. ~Your secret lover.
Take it easy with restrictive rules.


Respect for your overview/invitation!


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